Rapid Coin Deposit Unit

The Rapid Feed Coin Unit is a secure high speed coin deposit system

With the capacity to link directly with the CashAccSys UC or operate as a standalone machine, the Rapid Feed Coin Unit will count and validate up to 400 coins per minute, dropping them into the CashAccSys latch & release bag with the ability to hold 10 kg of coins. The product is available in a compact proprietary grade safe version or a larger graded safe for added security.

Key Features
  • High speed coin counter
  • Low Jam rate
  • Heavy duty operating cycle
  • Full counterfeit detection with reject channel
  • Cost effective add-on to a CashAccSys Grande or UC
  • Anti-Tamper coin bag
Rapid Coin Deposit Unit
General Specifications
Physical Security Propriety Graded Safe
Power Supply 220 volt AC
Environment Ambient +10 C° to +45 C°
Installation Indoor Only
Communication protocol Windows System, TCP/IP with XML Ready interface
Interfaces with POS system Compatible Windows POS systems
Integrated back end solution Bancit cloud based reporting
Locks Dual Keys
Card reader Optional
Barcode reader Optional
Multi-currency Yes
Rapid Coin Deposit Unit Specifications
Processing Speed 400 coins per minute
Bag Note Capacity 10kg
Printer Thermal Custom PlusII 58mm(w) x 50mm(h)
Coin insertion Bulk feed
Dimensions (HxWxD), with weight dependant on safe rating 100 x 50 x 39cm
Counterfeit detection Yes
Connectivity RS232 and LAN
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