D4R Note and Coin Dispenser

All in one Notes and Coin dispensing solution

The D4R with coin can seamlessly fit into any retail environment and is designed to operate with a CashAccSys banknote dispenser or as a standalone coin dispenser unit. The Unit can connect directly to a POS system or alternatively be operated using standalone Cashaccsys software from a panel-PC.

Key Features
  • Can be fitted through the wall, rear facing customer when dispensing
  • Large Capacity approximately 2500 notes and 450 coins per hopper
  • 4 Large note cassettes Up to 6 coin dispensing hoppers
  • Modular design ensures minimal maintenance downtime
  • 10” Touch panel option or POS integration using API
  • POS integration with vendors ongoing (Please enquire if your POS system is supported)
Current Applications
  • Recycling Centre Payout Terminal
  • Float Dispensing
  • Low Value Voucher / Ticket Redemption
General Specifications
Physical Security Propriety Graded Safe
Power Supply 220 volt AC
Environment Ambient +10 C° to +45 C°
Installation Indoor Only
Interfaces with POS system Compatible Windows POS systems
Comprehensive audit trail Yes
Integrated back end solution Bancit cloud based reporting
Locks Dual Keys
Electronic lock on all doors Optional
Battery back up Optional
Card reader Optional
Barcode reader Optional
Multi-currency Yes
D4R Note and Coin Dispenser Specifications
Coin Processing Speed 240 coins per minute
Note Processing Speed 150 notes per minute
Coin loading method Manually into hopper cups
Note loading method Manually load into cassettes
Stacker Bank Note Capacity 2500 notes
Coin Hopper Capacity 450 coins average capacity per hopper
Maximum number of hoppers 6 hoppers
Maximum number of notes 4 cassettes
Printer Optional
Dimensions (HxWxD), with weight dependant on safe rating 1580 x 600 x 500mm
Connectivity RS232 and LAN
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