CashAccSys Grande

The CashAccSys Grande is a secure on-line cash-receiving terminal.

The big uncle of the CashAccSys UC, the CashAccSys Grande has a bag capacity of up to 15 000 notes and is available as either a non-categorised or categorised safe – depending on the client’s security needs. The CashAccSys Grande is perfectly suited to the African market where note value is low or international markets where multiple currencies are handled as well as high cash volume clients. The CashAccSys Grande can count and validate up to five currencies simultaneously providing complete cash 360 overview for retailers, banks, exchange companies and duty free.

Key Features
  • Secure cash receiving terminal
  • Easy reconciling of cash takings
  • 7” touch screen – XML ready
  • High speed note counter, with high acceptance rate
  • Full counterfeit validation
  • Low Jam rate
  • Detailed receipt print-out
  • Anti-Tamper bag design
General Specifications
Physical Security Propriety Graded Safe
Power Supply 220 volt AC
Environment Ambient +10 C° to +45 C°
Installation Indoor Only
Communication protocol Windows System, TCP/IP with XML Ready interface
Interfaces with POS system Compatible Windows POS systems
Comprehensive audit trail Yes
Integrated back end solution Bancit cloud based reporting
Biometric Optional
Locks Dual Keys
Electronic lock on all doors Optional
Battery back up Optional
Touch screen 7 inch colour touch panel
Card reader Optional
Barcode reader Optional
Multi-currency Yes
CashAccSys Grande Specifications
Processing Speed 10 notes per second
Bag Note Capacity 10 000 – 15 000 notes
Printer Thermal Custom PlusII 58mm(w) x 50mm(h)
Denomination detection Full CIS IR UV magnetic sensors
Banknote insertion Banknotes are recognised, irrespective of their orientation, face up or down
Dimensions (HxWxD), with weight dependant on safe rating 120 x 56 x 90cm
Counterfeit detection Yes
Connectivity RS232 and LAN
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