Cash Protector for Retail

The future of cash payments and integrated Point of Sales systems has arrived!

The Cash Protector can seamlessly fit into any retail environment, linking into many retail POS systems and simplifies the cash-up procedure though electronic reconciliation and reporting. The Cash Protector can accept and dispense coins and notes, making it an all in one. There is also an option to upgrade the Cash Protector2 safe to a categorised version for high risk sites.

Deposited notes and coins are stored in reusable bags, ready for collection. Imagine an environment where cashiers could operate multiple till points at the same time and not have to close their till when leaving their station because they are not handling the machine assigned float

Key Features
  • Easy reconciling of transactions
  • Compact size
  • Large capacity
  • Fast transaction times
  • Machine managed float with system generated reports
  • Fast food franchises
  • Entrance ticket sales
  • Contractor Trade Counter Sales
  • Small/Medium size retailers (Average basket <R1000)
Cash Protector
General Specifications
Physical Security Propriety Graded Safe
Power Supply 220 volt AC
Environment Ambient +10 C° to +45 C°
Installation Indoor Only
Interfaces with POS system Compatible Windows POS systems
Comprehensive audit trail Yes
Locks Dual Keys
Electronic lock on all doors Optional
Battery back up Optional
Card reader Optional
Barcode reader Optional
Cash Protector Specifications
Note Processing Speed 1 note per 1.5 seconds
Coin Processing Speed 240 coins per minute
Note Validation Technology Full CIS, IR, UV, MG sensors
Banknote Insertion Ultra-low rejection <1%
Coin Insertion Single feed
Dispenser Banknote Capacity 3 Denominations: 500 notes per denomination
Coin Capacity 4 hoppers
Bank Note Storage Capacity 4000 notes
Bank Coin Storage Capacity 5kg
Dimensions (HxWxD), with weight dependant on safe rating 141 x 56 x 44cm
Connectivity RS232 and LAN
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