Our Ethics

Our Ethics

Research & Development

CashAccSys, through their proprietary knowledge sophisticated wireless communication and technology partnerships, has ensured sustainable value for communities and stakeholdersthrough a product range that facilitates your required world of cash.

Our interpretation of the banking and retail requirements for cash is as follows:

  • Flexibility in terms of product range, bill validation & acceptance
  • Cost effectiveness per industry category
  • Integration with existing POS software
  • Centralised & decentralised solutions


Value Offering

The most admired solutions provider within the cash management & vending industry through proprietary & customer centric product developments, solutions & imports


Value Proposition

The desire to supply holistic cash management solutions in a format that is as unique as each of our respective clients.We strive to address these needs through multiple offerings all hinging on the principle that cash is the most sought after liquid asset the world over.

  • Ethernet enabled electronic POS safes
  • Electronic cash management for retail oriented environments
  • Electronic cash acceptance & validation for bulk cash environments
  • Centralised cash deposit solutions enabling cashless POS environments
  • Integrated self service payment solutions
  • Voucher based money transfer solutions